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    The impact Covid 19 had on eCommerce and online shopping behaviour, trends, and how to react to it.

    Have you given thought to how much the Corona crisis changed the world? A bit more than 2 years after it ‘hit us, we can definitely say that we were not prepared enough. But as we all know, “every coin has two sides” and wherever there’s bad, there’s also some good! The coronavirus pandemic has for sure left its marks on our lives, both in personal and professional matters. It’s been and (kind of) still is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and sometimes even overcautiousness. All the restrictions and prohibitions, the health and economic crisis, the limitations in terms of our own lives – how could this not affect us in some way?

    Well, if we, as people, could not think of many positive sides of Covid, there were a few business fields that were on the top during the pandemic. It’s no big surprise that one of those business sectors is e-commerce. Electronic business, a.k.a. e-business is, of course, not new to anyone. It’s a well-known practice of offering goods, services, and oth

  2. image of laptop showing title page speed optimization

    Why your websites speed is important

    What is website load time?

    Website load time, means the time it takes for a web page to fully load on the screen. It includes all content, such as videos, text and images. To put it very simply; website load time tells us how fast content on a web page loads.

    Many factors on your website can affect the load time; file sizes, server/host, inefficient code, too many plugins/extensions. Let’s look at why this metric is important for you.