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Ongoing support and maintenance for your eCommerce solution

If you’re seeking effective solutions or guidance for a Magento or Shopware webshop, an SLA contract might be right for you.

What Is an SLA Agreement? 

vConnect works with many clients on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) basis. These are pre-ordered/paid hours each month, and they’re personalized to meet our customers' requests and needs. 

Under SLA contracts, clients also have the same team working on their projects. This streamlines the consultation process and task prioritization. 

Guaranteed Hours

If you sign an SLA contract with vConnect, both parties agree on a fixed amount of monthly hours. The client is always guaranteed these hours. 


Single Point of Contact

Clients have a single point of contact who also works as their project manager. To meet objectives, PMs streamline tasks, optimize workflows, and allocate resources effectively. 

Planning & Status Benefits

With an SLA contract, clients can reserve weekly meetings with their project manager. By receiving consistent updates on ongoing tasks and future work, there’s less back-and-forth on statuses.

Fast Response Times

When writing a contract with us, you are also guaranteed certain response times. These can range from 1-48 hours, depending on the severity of the issue.


Ongoing Webshop Support

With SLA agreements, vConnect prioritizes technical issues through analysis, diagnostics, and fast solutions. This limits downtime.  



Scalable Models 

No two eCommerce businesses are alike, so we offer scalable models for managed services and support. Whatever your needs, vConnect can support you. 

How Does vConnect Respond to Emergencies? 

When you sign an SLA contract with vConnect, you receive a specified emergency email address. These emails go out to multiple employees, ensuring that someone is always available to provide immediate assistance. 

As a proactive company, we go above and beyond to monitor for downtime on servers. This means that we solve potential issues ahead of time. 

Discover What an SLA Can Provide Your Business

Because every online business has different requirements, we invite you to review our sample SLA contract below. We include information regarding priority levels, response times, and much more.

For greater details about implementation and pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Magento Upgrade Solutions

Our smooth Magento upgrade services provide sites with the newest features, security updates, and performance enhancements. Our team meticulously plans – and carries out – operations with minimized delays to business operations.

Magento Integrations

vConnect effortlessly integrates Magento with shipping services, ERP programs, payment gateways, and other external applications. This improves data sharing, order administration, and customer experience.

Platform Migration

No matter your current platform, we ensure a smooth migration to your new Magento 2 webshop.

Webshop Security

To build greater trust, vConnect protects your webshop and customer data from unauthorized access and disruption.

eCommerce Strategic Consultation

Elevate your eCommerce strategy with expert guidance from our certified Magento and Shopware consultants.

Webshop Security

Protect against online threats, secure customer and payment data, implement encryption, and update security protocol.

Performance Audit

Our experts carry out performance audits in order to improve website speed and conversion rates. We do so through setup optimization, configuration applications, and codebase resolutions.

Strategic Consultation

Our Magento consultants provide an ongoing eCommerce strategy designed to grow your business through trends and best practices.

Support and Maintenance

IT problems never happen on a schedule. That’s why vConnect provides a single point of contact and 24/7 maintenance.

Magento Hosting

We work with your team to select the best hosting option, offering advice to improve your site functionality. To ensure functionality, we’ll assist with server configuration, caching methods, load balancing, and much more.

Magento Extension Development

With the help of our skilled developers, you can improve the operation of your online store and achieve your business goals by having bespoke extensions specifically customized to your needs.

Responsive Magento Website Design

From quick load speed to simple navigation, vConnect produces adaptable site designs that function flawlessly across all devices.

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