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What Is Hyvä? 

The Hyvä Theme is a Magento 2 frontend theme – and one of the best ways to enhance eCommerce stores. Lightning fast with an adaptable framework, Hyvä also prioritizes user experience with decreased complexity. 

If you’re looking for lower maintenance costs, shorter time to market, and top performance, Hyvä might be the right choice for you. 

What Hyvä Theme Offers

Hyvä eliminates the output introduced by Luma Theme and builds the front-end framework with a lean, powerful combination of Alpine JS and TailwindCSS (which can reduce CSS output by 90%). 

Since it’s built on modern stacks like Tailwind CSS and GraphQL, Hyvä Theme creates faster, more responsive interfaces. Both parties appreciate how it builds faster stores, accelerates launch times, and improves UX. 


Hyvä Themes are ideal for customization. Their clean code and streamlined structures mean developers of all skill sets can create custom solutions for specific needs. If you have custom modules and functionality on the front end, we have the experience to adapt them to Hyvä. 


Hyvä’s front end is straightforward and doesn’t rely on outdated technologies. Instead, it finds a happy medium between simplicity and extensibility. That means less effort required by customizations, faster time-to-market, and a better developer experience. 


The average Hyvä frontend requires about 2x less development time than a standard Luma frontend. Since it’s mobile-first, our Hyvä clients don’t pay extra to build custom mobile solutions. They also don’t have to invest in developing progressive web apps (PWA). 

Page Speed

Speaking of speed, customer experience and SEO depend on page speed. What’s more, reducing unnecessary JavaScript loaded by browsers is vital. Hyvä makes it much easier to reach 90+ speed rankings (for mobile and web), increasing 

Hyvä themes are built for speed, providing fast load times and smooth browsing experiences that keep customers engaged and reduce bounce rates.

Note: Utilizing industry best practices, we aim to keep Lighthouse performance scores 90+. 

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Proven Track Record

All of our clients who migrated from Luma to Hyvä achieved far better front-end performance. The average vConnect client achieved a 2x reduction in time-to-market. 

Discover our case studies.  

Simplified Processes

vConnect develops Hyvä sites quickly by simplifying the process. First, we map out all necessary features, extensions, and modules to guarantee compatibility. In some cases, our team will make these modules ourselves. 


While Hyvä is widely used, it’s not a universal solution. We’ll use our years of experience to determine when Hyvä is the best choice and when other options are preferable (e.g., Luma, PWA).

Frequently asked questions

Luma vs. Hyvä

Luma is the default Magento theme. Due to its architecture – as well as CSS and JavaScript bloat – it tends to score poorly in speed reports, especially on mobile. If front-end developers can’t clean up dead code and excessive file sizes, UX and organic traffic will be impacted.

Is Hyvä a PWA?

Many companies recommend progressive web apps (PWA) for their great performance. While they can certainly be effective, we find that costs, time-to-market, and extension compatibility aren’t considered. For merchants with huge budgets and highly custom front ends, PWAs are often a solid choice. Hyvä isn’t a PWA – and it’s a great alternative to headless. If you’re tired of Luma and require faster, better solutions, you’ll appreciate Hyvä’s lean tech stack, quick time-to-market, and speed.