” E-commerce made happy”. This is Hyvä’s tagline, and they are not lying!

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What is Hyvä theme and why is it so good?

Hyvä is a new frontend for Magento 2, that is lightning fast with decreased complexity compared to other Magento themes and Luma theme.
It is a great alternative to headless PWA and has a faster-to-market timeline than other themes. Often PWA solutions are implemented for increased performance, but they can be complex to implement and take a long time and be costly for the merchants. PWA can be great for big budgets and a huge need for a highly custom frontend, but for many merchants, Hyvä would be just what they need.
They are achieving all this by having as few dependencies on 3rd party libraries as possible and keeping the technology stack lean. 

What is Luma?

To understand how Hyvä is different from the Magento standard theme, it is important to understand what Luma is.
Luma is the default Magento 2 theme. The Luma theme is not known for being super-fast, especially not without a lot of work from frontend developers to clean up the code, which can be costly. The theme itself scores poorly in speed reports, especially on mobile, which is caused by the architecture and bloat of CSS and the JavaScript that is included. It all contributes to a frontend that takes longer to load than necessary, as the size and files included is excessive. 
A lot of the code included is what we call “dead code” - meaning, code that is never executed and therefore not needed to load.

¡: CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) is the code used to apply the look and feel of your website, or what is also called Themes. JavaScript is what often supplies the functionality and dynamic and interactive content to your website, such as sliders, menus, accordions, etc. 

In the screenshots, you can see the differences between a clean Magento installation with the Luma theme and a clean Magento installation with the Hyvä theme

Screenshot of lighthouse report for Luma theme, showing 49 scoreScreenshot of lighthouse report for Luma theme, showing 49 score

Luma theme pagespeed score on mobile

Hyvä Theme pagespeed score on mobile

Hyvä themselves promises:

-        Reduced complexity

-        Improved performance

-        Improved developer experience

-        Improved development speed

-        Lower dependencies

-        Lower learning curve


And they deliver on those promises!

They do that by eliminating all that output introduced by Luma Theme and building the frontend framework in a lean, powerful combination of Alpine JS and TailwindCSS. TailwindCSS can reduce CSS output by 90% compared to other traditional methods. All this results in a theme with remarkably high performance and a great user experience.


What does this mean for you as a merchant?

As a merchant, you will get a first-class, high-performing frontend with lower budget requirements and a faster go-to-market time. It is a modernized frontend, ready for the future with updated technologies, all the while still having the full power of Magento. 


Hyvä theme highlights
- Top Core Web Vitals Values> LCP / CLS / FID / TBT
- Reduced complexity
- Modern technologies > Alpine JS, TailwindCSS
- Flexibility
- A lower budget requirement
- Compatible with many 3rd party modules


Have a look at this Lighthouse result from our Hyvä project we implemented on ”Kaffekapslen” recently.


This is what our developer has to say about developing in Hyvä 
"Hyvä Theme is a lightning-fast Magento theme that removes RequireJs/Knockout JS and LESS. The theme itself is built with an extremely powerful combination of AlpineJS and TailwindCSS that makes the developer experience very enjoyable. Developing is much quicker and the performance is super impressive. And finally Developing Magento 2 is super fun and straightforward. It’s just better for everyone - developers and merchants. Hyvä is the frontend that Magento 2 should have always had.
- Ventsislav Panov, Certified Magento Commerce Front-End Developer"

Hyvä Licensing

As with many other themes, modules, and so on, Hyvä Themes comes with a license. The license costs a one-time fee of 1000 euros, per Magento installation. This payment typically falls on the merchant. However, in our opinion, it is a small price to pay for the results you are getting and possible development hours you will be saving in the future in maintenance and new development. 

You can read much more on Hyvä’s own site here

And you can read more about the differences between different Magento frontends here 

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