<2s average page load time
reduced to under 2 secs
98% score on Google
PageSpeed Insights
100% custom design
3 months delivery time
Bulk buy feature Custom solution for grouped products Implementation of technical SEO
(canonical links, structured data, etc.)
Optimized user experience Klaviyo integration to Magento 2 New, modern design
Development of Custom Shipping Method Improvement of UI/UX Custom Catalog design

About Netpris

Netpris.dk is one of the largest online supermarkets for Fast Consumer Goods in Denmark. But Netpris.dk is not your typical online shop. Its unique business model is what makes it so special – it is a cross-border shop.

Working with a cross-border shop opens a different set of challenges - and oppurtunities.An existing store was in place, based on Magento 1, from which we were also able to collect and analyze the data we needed. We did an extensive research from looking into specific metrics, through user recordings and talking to the end customers as well.


Being a cross-border online shop, we had numerous challenges – from showing the end customer that our client’s prices are lower than what they can find in the local store to convincing them, they should buy more (bulk buy) in order to save more. We also had to create a dedicated shipping method for Magento to make sure we cover all the legal requirements in Denmark and all Scandinavian countries. A huge focus was on the mobile version of the platform as most of the sales comes from mobile users. Something the old website failed to deliver. It was our job to make sure we create the perfect User Interface and to ensure we provide the best possible client journey.


Below we have highlighted the goal we think are worth mentioning:
1. Improve the quality of the company’s positioning as a vendor of FMCG.
2. Develop a modern mobile version that takes over all the necessary functionalities of a desktop.
3. Update the catalog layout to be able to hold different promotions and campaigns.
4. Develop a solution which makes the whole bulk buying process easier.
5. Develop a special shipping Method.
6. Create simple to use order tracking.
7. Test the proposed solutions to identify the most effective combinations.
8. Improve the overall user interaction with the website.


Revenue revenue 100%+
Conversion revenue 100%+
Bounce Rate revenue 100%+

Flawless communication, precise and clear goals, realistic deadlines and amazing project management promised a successful start.Even though a part of this project is still under development, we have greatly improved the current state of their website and managed to increase both conversion rate and revenue.

Version 1

This was our starting point when we first took the project. As you can see the mobile version is far from optimized with having only one product per row. During our research, we found out that the majority of people don't scroll till the end and if they do, they get annoyed by having to click "Next Page" in order to see the rest of the products.

Version 2

Here we have optimized the header, introduced multi-banner layout, optimized the product list layout to hold two products per row and since we saw that people prefer to buy directly from the listing, we have optimized that process as well by introducing more information and increment buttons.

Version 3

This is the complete new design we did specially for Magento 2. The entire site is optimized to perform 100% and to give the best user experience.We also had a big focus on extending the Tier Price Magento functionality, making it effortless to add multiple of the same product to the cart.

For Netpris as a cross-border shop, which targets mostly customers buying in bulk, this functionality has been an enormous benefit for the customers. The feature allows customers to add multiple quantities of an item to the cart with just 1 click, saving time and frustration of clicking numerous times before reaching the lower price per item.

Custom add-to-cart functionality

On the category pages, we developed an easy to navigate functionality that enables users to manage and add product quantity in real-time, right from the category page, without any page reload.


More Cases:

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