Privacy policy 
The following privacy policy describes when we collect personal information about visitors to this site and about our customers. It also describes what information we collect, as well as information about our use, storage, sharing and protection of your personal information. This applies to the current site (“site”) and all services offered by vConnect EOOD (“vConnect”). The website and all its services are owned and operated by vConnect and are offered subject to your acceptance of this privacy policy without modifications. Please read this confidentiality policy carefully and completely before contacting us for services. vConnect reserves the right to change this privacy policy from time to time as needed. 

vConnect respects your professional artwork and all other intellectual property rights shared with us and will only use it in agreement with you. Your copyrights will remain yours. All material and information you share with vConnect, including illustrations and other intellectual property rights, contact information, and client notes, remain confidential. 


Your rights 
It is your personal information, so you have the right to decide how they are used. 

You are entitled any time to obtain your personal information changed, delivered and / or deleted. If there is no automated way for it on this page, contact us by email, chat or phone and explain what you would like to have changed, delivered and / or deleted. 

You are also entitled to complain about us and our processing of your personal information if you do not believe we comply with the rules. Such a complaint may be filed with the Data-Inspectorate or other similar authority. 


Please refer to our cookie declaration for details of which cookies we use here on our website. It is also there you will be able to remove or change your cookie’s consent. 

It’s also possible for you to delete your cookies directly in your browser, see for example: 

Internet Explorer 
Google Chrome 
Mozilla Firefox 



If you sign up for our newsletter we’ll ask you to fill out the following information: 

E-mail Adress 
URL for your website 
Preferences of receiving newsletters (eg Webshop platform) 
We use our newsletter to inform the recipients of special offers, product improvements, or other information that we think is of interest to you (eg New opportunities or trends in e-commerce) and are within the preferences you have provided us. 

You can subscribe to our newsletter here – if you have already signed up and would like to change your personal information (eg Your preferences), then you’ll find a link in the emails you received from us. 

If you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, click here


Contact forms, Order forms and Direct contact 
If you contacted us by e-mail, phone, chat or through our contact forms on the website, we will save the necessary information to answer your inquiry. Typically, we store the information and the correspondence of our customer support system, but only to be able to find it again in the future, for the same purpose as you originally contacted. We reserve the right to subsequently contact you by e-mail with a recommendation / request to subscribe to our newsletter. 

If you order our PostNord module through our order form, we collect the following information: 

Company name 
Zip code 
E-mail address 
Phone number 
Webshop URL 
Webshop system (platform) 
We only use the information to ensure that you get the right module and to be able to support you in the future in the best possible way. 

We recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter if you have one of our modules installed, as we provide information about updates and other things. 


If you are a paying customer as we invoice, we collect the information that is necessary for us to comply with applicable law and we will keep the information contained in the applicable statutory period at all times. 
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