Kaffekapslen.dk is the largest coffee capsule supplier in the Nordics, currently delivering coffee capsules to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, and Spain. Our collaboration with Kaffekapslen started in 2015, when the company was segmented only to the Nordic markets. Over the years, we have together, successfully, launched seven additional websites to the European market and a whole lot of other exciting innovative projects and initiatives. In 2020, we started preparations, specification, planning, and development of Magento 2 for Kaffekapslen.dk

The challenge

The project consisted of a full set-up and expansion of the new Magento 2 cores to accommodate Kaffekapslen's current and future needs. We also oversaw a full migration of products, Magento settings, and customer data. In addition to setting up Magento 2's many built-in features, we worked extensively with customized solutions, such as - expanding Bundle product functionality, Visual Merchandiser, various payment and shipping methods, and many more. Moreover, Kaffekapslen also has a high volume of traffic and processes 5000+ orders per day. It was therefore also important to get a server set up in place that would ensure there is no drop in speed at any time.

Business Central integration

Together with connectify.dk we have integrated the ERP Business solution Business Central, and together built a strong partnership. As part of the integration with Business Central, we have made the following extensions to meet customer needs and wishes:

  • Custom "Cost attribute", since Magento does not support negative values by default, which Kaffekapslen uses in their margin calculation.

  • Extension of Bundle Product prices, to support the ability to calculate VAT on each Simple product in Bundle products with a fixed price. This is only supported for Bundle Products with Dynamic Price by default. Used among other things in Germany where there are different VAT classes on products.

connectify.dk is the integration between Magento 2 and Business central, and makes sure Kaffekapslen can see all the relevant information in one place.
Connecty.dk helped with having highly competent employees and a great solution, that made the integration smooth and effective. 
You can read more about connecty.dk and the Kaffekapslen case here

What does Kaffekapslen say about us?

"For us an IT partner is not just an IT house that just does what they are told to do. We need brainstorming, knowledge sharing and in general an IT house who actively participates in the development of our online shop. During the past many years, we have together with vConnect, created many successful, innovative and functional, and at times "crazy" projects."
Morten Ravn - Founder

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