2022 vConnect Recap - What a Year It's Been

Continuing to Establish a Successful Partnership with our Friends from Kaffekapslen   

For Kaffekapslen we not only delivered a high-performing Magento 2 website but also developed a lot of highly complex solutions:  
- A complete Warehouse Management system integrated with Magento and a sorting robot.  
- Strong server setup, with Cloud Flare Load Balancer and 4 servers to manage the huge volume of requests. 
- Developed a dedicated Pickup Point Locators module.  
- Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics.  

You can read more about the project here

We Became a Partner of Hyvä Theme  

We are very excited about Hyvä Themes! 
Hyva is lightning-fast and has reduced complexity. We are already seeing amazing results on projects that we are currently working on and can't wait to share them (follow our page to see them when we launch!)  
Learn more about Hyvä Theme here 

Kaffekapslen Hyvä implementation  

We are excited to share our most recent project with long-term partners and friends from Kaffekapslen. Happy to have an exciting journey together and strengthen our partnership even further!  
It took us less than 3 months to deliver a high-quality project that exceeds even our customers’ expectations:  
100% intuitive custom design with Hyvä Themes;  
Average page load time enhanced to under 2 seconds;  
Custom Add-to-cart functionality on the category page;  
98% score on Google PageSpeed Insights. 
Removed unused 3rd party extensions.  
Upgraded Magento version and excellent user experience. 
And many more  

Learn more about the Kaffekapslen Hyvä implementation project here 

We Were Part of the Largest Ecommerce Conference in Denmark - Dansk Erhverv E-Handelskonferencen 2022  

We were really excited to be part of the 17th edition of E-handelskonferencen in Denmark!  
Our team, presented by Melissa Djurslev & Lennart Just Hansen together with our partners Georgi Ivanov & Kostadin Pashev from Concept Digital, joined the event to meet all like-minded Ecommerce professionals and got inspired by the amazing speakers.  
Thanks for the great inspiration, Dansk Erhverv - Digital Handel! 

Release of Pickup Locator Extensions  

The emerging trends opened a whole new world of digital commerce that pushed merchants to take a step further.  
Creating a checkout experience that converts is the foundation of a successful eCommerce.  
Consumer preferences are evolving at speed and so are we, to make it easier for retailers to grow in a dynamically changing eCommerce ecosystem.  
The pickup locator is a great addition to any webshop, providing flexibility to your customers. Integrating the pickup location delivery method is an easy way to lower your shipping costs, adding a great service for your customers and improving your conversion rate.  
All our pickup locators have now been released to Adobe Commerce's Magento marketplace. But what exactly do they do? And how do they benefit your webshop and your customers? 
Read more about Pickup Locators here 

Postnord Pick Up Locator  

We are happy to introduce our brand new PostNord Pickup Locator Lite!  

Using Pickup Locator Lite for a consistent, native experience is quick, easy, and convenient for customers, driving their confidence in your shop.  
The PostNord Pickup Locator Lite provides a new delivery method for your checkout. This method allows your customer to filter and select a preferred pickup location for order delivery based on their zip code.  
How easy and flexible is this?  
Would you like to learn more or offer the feature to your customers?  You can find the module here

GLS Pick Up Locator  

vConnect continues to innovate, and with many online shoppers used to click-and-collect as a delivery option, vConnect Pickup Locator gives retailers another great option to enhance their customer experience.  
It's here! Our GLS Pickup locator module has been released to the marketplace.  
The Pickup locator module will add the popular delivery method "GLS Delivery to ParcelShop" to your checkout. Make it convenient for customers to pick up their packages! You can find the module here 

We Launched Ergopartner Magento 2 Shop

We very recently launched Ergopartner’s new Magento 2 webshop!  
Our partnership with Ergopartner A/S started many years ago now and we are happy to have been part of this journey too.  
Here are some highlights that we implemented:  
New modern design  
Custom grouped products solution  
Implementation of technical SEO  
Klaviyo integration  
You can read their entire case here 

We Launched Netpris Magento 2 Project  

Recently we launched Netpris Magento 2 website!  
Other than a migration of data, we also did a huge optimization of the design, based on analysis by our UI/UX experts.  
We also launched a couple of other cool things such as:  
Akeneo PIM-Integration 
Automatic removal of expired sales products, from the sales category 
Extension of the tier-price functionality 
Shipping integration.  
You can read more on our website here 

Project Greensquare Magento 2 Went Live  

We are happy to introduce an exciting project that we recently delivered to our partners Greensquare:  

Smooth migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2   
New, modern design that is very intuitive and optimized for the special requirements of Green Square’s customers   
Gallery page for displaying high-quality images from the Showroom   
Create a module for adding shipping notes in the checkout   
Customize the parent category to display images for subcategories   

vConnect Nominated for Best Balkan Startups  

vConnect was featured among the top picks for the best Balkans-based UX Design companies.   
There were participating exceptional companies across the size spectrum from cutting-edge startups to established brands.  
Thanks, bestStartup.eu for the honour!   
Read the article here 34 Top UX Design Startups and Companies in The Balkans  

We Started a Partnership with Shopware  

Thrilled to announce that we officially became Shopware partners! We look forward to a great partnership that propels exciting new projects during 2023.  

Teammates Achievements  

Our Magento Master Oleksandr was a guest at Cloudways Twitter chat and had a great interview for their blog.  
Our Magento Department Manager Oleksandr Kravchuk was a guest on the Cloudways’ live chat on Twitter.  
They covered the topic: Tips for Integrating and Upgrading Magento 2 Platform.  
Oleksandr is leading vConnect's Magento Department and has 6+ years of experience with Magento. He has been a part of many exciting projects worldwide and is a very active member of the Magento community.  

Maksim Novik was a guest speaker at Meet Magento NY  

Our Tech Lead Maksym Novik was one of the speakers at Meet Magento New York 2022, where he was talking about the different Magento Frontend options.  
The topic of the discussion was: Which Magento Frontend to Choose where he compared Luma, Vue Storefront, Hyvä Themes and Magento PWA studio.  
Maksym has more than 6 years of experience as a #MagentoDeveloper and in that time has been very active in the community. He has been a member of the Magento Community Maintainers since 2019 and has contributed to Magento Open Source. He has proudly won the Magento Community Spirit Award in 2020.  

Webinar with Dmytro  

We organized a free webinar on the topic Debug with Devtools hosted by our teammate Dmytro Rudenko! He spread the knowledge of Chrome Dev Tools and how to successfully debug JavaScript using it.  

What can people expect from us for the next year?

We are looking forward to an exciting 2023 for you!   
We are thankful to our team in Ukraine, who despite the war, still deliver their work with great efficiency and we will continue to support Ukraine and our team there.  
Thanks to all our dedicated team members and partners!  
Warm regards,  
The vConnect Team